Send someone their very own colour this Valentine's Day


Last year Dulux and UNICEF teamed up to launch the Own a Colour initiative, which enabled anyone to choose a colour from a selection of 16.7 million, claim it and rename it anything they like in return for a £1 donation to the charity. So far the scheme has raised more than £100,000 in donations and all kinds of people have taken part, with celebrities like Jemima Khan and Sir Roger Moore staking their claim on a shade too.

Now the Own a Colour initiative has been revived for Valentine’s Day, by visiting you can give that special someone their very own colour. Simply sign up and on February 14th a card will appear on their wall with a silly poem from Purple Ronnie (that skinny dude on lots of greetings cards) and a link, which will allow them to pick a colour and name it.

Stewart Longhurst from the Own A Colour team, said:

“What’s great about the Own A Colour initiative is that, not only does it allow people to put their name to a never-before-owned colour, but it harnesses the power of colour to have a positive impact on saving lives of children. Colour is such an important and personal method of expression, so what better way to show someone you love them this Valentine’s Day than with a colour of their very own, accompanied by an original love poem?”

It may seem a little cheesy that your charitable gift of colour has to be shared on Facebook, but we love this cute and simple Valentine’s Day idea because it’s much more worthwhile than a rubbish novelty gift.

Becca Caddy