is eBay for the heartbroken


I’m sure most of us have been in a relationship that’s come to an end and have had to make the painful (yet sometimes liberating) decision to throw away those old teddy bears, cards and other cutesy keepsakes. But what if you were planning on getting married and have much more big and expensive items to get rid of? Surely you can’t put that designer wedding dress in the wheely bin outside?

There are obviously ways you can get rid of your old stuff, but now a new website has been launched, dubbed “eBay for the broken-hearted”, that’s been specially created to allow people to sell their old keepsakes, as well as share their sob stories with the whole world at the same time. As if they’re not going through enough already… is much like eBay, users simply upload an image of the item they’re looking to sell, write up a description and then give it a “break-up price” (which is much lower than what it would be worth in the real world). They’re then invited to explain why they’re selling it so that sneaky buyers looking for a bargain can snap up these reduced items and prey on the melancholy of others. Ah lovely.

After having a quick browse of the site there are mainly engagement rings, other pieces of jewellery and wedding dresses available and you may be surprised to hear it’s not just angry women who are flogging their old stuff, there are a few men on there too.

It all sounds like a bit of a joke, but it’s a good way for people to get rid of unwanted items and painful memories quickly while still making some of their money back. Just don’t go onto the site expecting to laugh at the misfortune of others, some of the stories are actually really sad…

[Via The Telegraph]
Becca Caddy

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