Half of Brits don't know how to work their tech products

broken-computer.jpgEveryone in your office may be boasting about the latest shiny gadgets that they received over Christmas, but according to a recent study more than half of Brits admit to not being able to properly work the most basic of home technology products.

The research, carried out by online printer cartridge retailer Cartridgesave.co.uk, found that 51% of respondents didn’t know how to use all of the technology in their homes.

The main culprit seems to be the elusive printer, as 41% said it doesn’t work properly because it’s broken or they can’t change the ink. Although we hate to admit it, we’ve been stumped by a confusing printer many a time in the past, but come on guys, let’s all use some initiative here and get Googling.

Many more admitted to not being able to use their home technology because it’s damaged, with 71% explaining that their laptops are broken and 77% revealing they own a broken mobile phone.

Now it’s the new year why not make it a resolution to either get your home electrical products fixed or recycle them? We dread to think how many sad, lonely and smashed gadgets are sat in cupboards across the nation dreaming to be fixed or turned into something new. Sigh.

2,084 people across the UK took part in the study in 2011.

[Image via YoungThousands]
Becca Caddy


  • I think it's more that people don't know how to use Google to troubleshoot their problems LOL

  • Research by an ink cartridge company finds printers the main culprit, what a surprise ;-)
    A well written (printed!) user manual supplied with all tech products would help…

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