Instagram photos are now bigger and better on Facebook

instagram-on-facebook.jpgWe’ve always been able to share our Instagram snaps through to our Facebook friends once we’ve taken them, edited them and added a caption to them. But according to the Instagram blog, from today users will now notice much better integration with the social network, including a dedicated photo album and bigger images.

Before, Facebook photos just seemed to be thrown into our profiles with little thought of how they’d look or where they’d get stored. If you choose to share through to Facebook now, your image will appear much bigger than before along with the caption you’ve added and a link to its public URL.

There are also better sharing features, so simply click “share” under a friend’s Instagram image and you can paste it onto your own timeline, to a friend, a group or into a message.

Most importantly, there’s now a dedicated album for Instagram photos where they’ll go to live. We always found it strange that they didn’t get saved anywhere, so we even set up an rule to combat the problem!

And finally, you really need to activate the new Facebook timeline to make your Instagram photos look extra specially good. So, if you’ve been holding off up until now, just go bite the bullet, you won’t regret it if you’re into mobile photography.

Tip: To find out how to add Instagram photos you’ve already shared into the new album, check out this guide from Instagram’s support centre.

Becca Caddy


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