Foodpairing is an interactive mind map for foodies

chicken-foodpairing.jpgClever recommendation website and quirky little mind map tool Jinni has changed the way we discover new films and TV shows, so imagine how excited we were to find there’s a similar kinda service to help you pair up the right kinds of food.

Foodpairing is an interactive web application specially designed to allow you to explore new flavours and ways of mixing different foods together. So, if for example you’ve got a watermelon and have no idea which meat you should be pairing it with, Foodpairing will figure that out for you and give you lots of different suggestions about complementary ingredients all within a shiny, interactive mind map.

Although it’s fun for food-lovers who just like throwing ingredients together and eating a lot, it is mainly targeted towards those working with food day in and day out. You can sign up for a free account and play around with up to 100 foodpairing combinations, or get a paid account for $15/month for access to everything.

[Via Lifehacker]
Becca Caddy


  • This shows how mind maps can be applied in any aspect. Some people think that mind maps are only for businesses, brainstorming and marketing. Foodpairing proves that the concept of mind-mapping can be modified to fit any topic. The site you shared can be a central database of food combinations! Chefs, parents, especially stay-at-home moms, and those who want to learn cooking, can pick up a lot from this web application. Thanks a lot!

  • Though food pairing is a great tool for “possible matches”, you can’t take everything those trees say as 100% truth. I mean, if you look at the ketchup tree, they have blue cheese and strawberries listed. Wow….that would make an “interesting” dessert. ;-)

  • Who knew scientists and chefs could work together like that to learn something new about our tastebuds and food!?!?

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