Connected Health Store: Shiny Media launches health gadgets & apps site


Today Shiny Media (the company behind your favourite place on the interwebz, Shiny Shiny) has launched a brand new website dedicated to the world of health and fitness technology.

The new site, called the Connected Health Store, will focus on the latest news from the worlds of health and technology, as well as the increasingly advanced gadgets and applications specially designed to keep track of what you’re up to on a daily basis and keep your health and fitness in check.

Here at Shiny Shiny we’ve covered all kinds of health gadgets and apps over the years, from Jawbone’s clever little UP wristband through to huge vibrating power plates, but now Connected Health will be the dedicated place for Shiny readers to get a more in-depth look at the way the worlds of health and technology are colliding to create great products that could (as cheesy as it sounds) really improve our lives.

Check out the Connected Health Store, or follow updates from the site on Facebook and Twitter.

Becca Caddy