Do you like the look of the world's first recyclable designer headphones?


All kinds of brands are increasingly pioneering recyclable products, we particularly love the efforts from shoe companies like Urshuz, but we haven’t seen much recyclable tech in the past few years that really impresses us.

Well today we came across these lovely headphones on Springwise and couldn’t believe that they’re recyclable and look good too. The over-ear headphones, called Noisezero O+ Eco edition, are a collaborative project between designer Michael Young, music tech brand EOps and French online retailer Colette.

Noisezero i+ Eco buds already exist, but these are the first over-ear designs that have been made from cornstarch bio-plastic, stainless steel and aluminium, which are all recyclable materials.

The fancy over-ear headphones with a conscience work with iPhones, iPads and iPads and come with a microphone, remote control and volume buttons too.

Unfortunately they’re currently sold out on Colette, but will usually retail for £118.47.

[Via Springwise]
Becca Caddy