APP OF THE DAY: Guinness World Records at your fingertips


A range of the best record attempts and crazy feats from the hit TV show and coffee table classic, Guinness World Records, are now available as part of an action packed Google Chrome application.

The app, called Guinness World Records – Record Player, is actually more of a channel, which features some of the best and most thrilling record breaking activities. You can select specific categories and view various feats from all around the globe, from the most balloons inflated by the nose in Italy to the furthest back flip off a wall in the UK.

The app has been built primarily in HTML5, which means it’s rather slick and intuitive and ensures all of the stunts, feats and jumps look as good as they possibly can.

Katie Forde, the head of digital from Guinness World Records, commented that it’s really important the brand stays as relevant to audiences today as it did when it was first launched:

“We’re a fifty five year old brand that is a relevant to people today as we were when we first started, we’ve achieved that through a focus on exciting, entertaining content and by seeking out the latest technologies to allow people to enjoy and engage with world records.”

We can’t be blamed for how much time you spend on the app this afternoon, watching all of the weird and wonderful attempts can get a little addictive.

Download the Guinness World Records – Record Player app from the Chrome Web Store.

Becca Caddy