Is Ferguson Hill's FHOO9 the sexiest home theatre system you've EVER seen?


Yesterday we went along to the CES Unveiled event in London to see some of the hot new tech products that are set to hit the European market in the next few months.

There were all kinds of amazing gadgets on display (which we’ll be reviewing and including in Christmas gift guides over the next few weeks), but the Ferguson Hill stand stood out the most because its products just look so damn good.

The British loudspeaker specialist already has a very innovative range of speakers and other audio solutions, as most of them have a unique and sleek transparent horn design.

However the brand’s latest offering, the FHOO9 Home Theatre System, is probably the best looking home theatre system we’ve EVER seen – perfect for using in conjunction with budget home theater seating.

The system’s unique design and its horn speakers eliminate the interference that can come with standard encased or boxed systems and the horn loaded drivers allow sounds to be easily magnified at the frequency range the human ear is more sensitive to. So basically the quirky little horns are specially designed to produce a natural, clear and high-quality sound.

Although we’re very glad the FHOO9 system produces great sound (because after all that’s what they’re made for, right?), we can’t deny that it’s the design that drew us over to the quirky horns in the first place.

Tim Hill, the founder of Ferguson Hill, said:

‘More and more people are now investing in home cinema and consumers are for a design aesthetic that really stands out. This was the inspiration for the FH009, to produce a fantastic sounding home theatre system that also looked beautiful. I wanted to create very minimal looking speakers that would complement the living space whilst also making a statement. The signature horn shape is a nod to the classic horn speakers of 1930’s cinema which I think lends the FH009 an air of grace and style.”

The FHOO9 Home Theatre System isn’t available just yet, but will be on next month priced for £795.95.

Becca Caddy