REVIEW: Slim and padded be.ez LA Garde Robe laptop bag (in juicy raspberry)


Here at Shiny Shiny we’re on a mission to find lots of different laptop bags that don’t just carry our gadgets around, but look good and aren’t too bulky. You’d think there’d be plenty of choice, but accessories that tick all of the boxes are actually REALLY hard to come by.

A few weeks ago we reviewed the Cholet laptop bag from Knomo, which we thought was lovely, but a little pricey. So today we’re going to be looking at the be.ez LA Garde Robe 13″ laptop bag, which may be at the cheaper end of the scale, but it’s still compact, comfy and stylish too.


The LA Garde Robe bag can carry a laptop in its main pocket, then there’s a large, flat pocket at the back and a smaller one at the front to keep your chargers and cables.

If you travel light then the bag will have enough room for your laptop, power lead and a few other necessities. However, if like me you prefer to have all kinds of things on you “just in case”, then you may need to carry your regular handbag around with you too.


The bag is made of low resilience polyurethane and 5mm memory foam, which basically means its light, protects your gadgets from knocks and bumps and regains its shape instantly.


The LA Garde Robe can’t compete with the Cholet if we’re talking solely about looks, as it’s nowhere near as fancy and much more understated. But, if you like simple, black accessories then this bag really will go with anything. We also love the fact that when you open it up there’s a very bright pop of pink on the inside.


The LA Garde Robe’s strap is very much like a seatbelt, which means its strong but wide enough to ensure it won’t dig into your shoulder.


The strap can be easily adjusted to be as long or short as you like, so even if you have to carry it alongside a regular handbag you can make sure they both sit at the same height on your body making it easier to move around.

Who is the LA Garde Robe for?

I’ve been trialling this bag for a few weeks now and it’s ideal for someone like me, who likes things to look good but be simple, functional and comfy over anything else. If you like to look perfectly preened you may want something a little more formal and feminine, but if you just want something that’s going to carry your gadgets around, be kind to your shoulder, not overload you on the commute and give you a cheeky pop of pink on the inside, then the LA Garde Robe is ideal.

Available from Amazon for £29.99.

Becca Caddy


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