What does the colour of your gadgets and accessories say about you?

Although you might be drawn to those sparkly blue headphones or that neon pink radio, more often than not we wear and pick similar colours for everything in our lives, from the clothes we wear to the phone cases we use.

But what does the colour we pick for our gadgets and tech accessories say about us?

Well, to launch its new Colour Collection range (which we’ll be reviewing next week), Logitech consulted a top colour psychologist (yes, they exist) to understand the meaning behind colour, what our favourite colours say about us and how we can wear certain shades to give off different impressions to those around us.

Karen Haller, the colour expert, says:

“Wearing the right combination of colours can dramatically change your audience’s opinion of you. Colours can stimulate, energise and enthuse your audience, just as much as they can intimidate, overwhelm and appear unapproachable.”

Karen and Logitech created a colour chart, which aims to tell people what their favourite colours mean and what both the positive and negative effects of those colours may be on those around them.

Now you don’t have to buy into any of Karen Haller’s thoughts (sometimes pink just means we like pink and does NOT mean we’re too fluffy and girly, right?), but some of the suggestions are quite interesting, so we’ve decided to share them with you along with a gallery filled with some of our favourite bold and bright accessories at the moment.

Becca Caddy