Fake iPhone 5 emails could infect your computer

iphone5gs-fake.jpgWe know you’re excited about the new iPhone 5 announcement, reading about it, looking at photos of it and being the first of your friends to tweet about it. BUT HOLD YOUR HORSES.

A number of evil little scammers are piggybacking on our obsession with Apple by tricking people into installing malware onto their computers, according to Macworld.

The scammers have mocked up a fake (and stupid) photo of what they think the new device will look like, which they’ve named the iPhone 5GS and have included it in an email alongside two lines of text which read “Available Friday. In store or delivered to your door.” Urgh, hello, ALARM BELLS.

If you’re thinking the handset looks a little familiar, then check out the Sony Ericsson Pureness which we featured in our fashion phone list a few weeks ago.

Becca Caddy