Latest iPhone rumours – iPhone 5 and upgraded 4 on sale in UK October 14th

The web is awash with iPhone rumours but we are going to take this one seriously. The Guardian has just posted that there are two new iPhones on their way – the iPhone 5 and an upgraded 4 – and they will be on sale in the UK on October 14th.

A ‘source’ told the paper.

“All we know is, there will be two devices, we will put our pricing in to Apple as soon as Tim Cook goes on stage, and we hope to get agreement to announce prices on Thursday,” said a source at one UK operator, who also confirmed the 14 October shipping date.

According to The Guar the other big news is that all five UK networks will have access to the new phones on day one. Carphone Warehouse is understood to have done a deal directly with Apple for the first time, which means it will be able to sell phones “unlocked” – free from contracts with particular networks.

Well as rumours go this sounds pretty on the money. We’ll find out soon enough

Ashley Norris