YouTube adds video editing with Lomo, Sepia and Comic Book filters

YouTube is now allowing its users to edit videos that have already been uploaded, so you can add that dreamy vintage hue that Hipstamatic and Instagram made so popular to pretty much EVERYTHING.

The new editing tools allow you to make a few important little tweaks, such as rotating your video and stabilising the footage. You can also play around with brightness, contrast and saturation and most importantly add a range of different filters. These include Sepia, Lomo-ish and Comic Book as well as a few more subtle choices. OK so there isn’t a great deal of choice just yet, but the new feature will be ideal for those that don’t have access to editing tools on their desktop already.

It’ll also make YouTube a bit more interesting and surreal, as long as users don’t really overdo it that is, but with a brand new box of tricks that’s bound to be the case for the first few months.

I imagine quite a few dedicated YouTubers will still prefer to play around with their videos in a separate editing program elsewhere, but this now streamlines the whole process and makes it much easier to get your videos looking good and uploaded quickly.

Becca Caddy