Facebook promises to stop spamming us all

Facebook Email SettingsThis morning I opened up an email from Facebook which was addressed to me personally. How lovely.

It explained that from now on the social network will aim to cut down on how many email notifications it sends out, which for all of those who complain about spam 24/7 will be a welcome piece of news, but what about those that have already changed email settings and want to control that kind of thing themselves?

Like most changes Facebook makes I’m pretty undecided here. I appreciate that it’s trying to make things easier and less irritating for those who aren’t so obsessed with settings (read geeky). But at the same time we never said it could opt us into that kind of thing.

There’s a good chance we’re getting very angry for no reason here. If you’ve been opted in to the new Email Frequency setting and you don’t want to be, you can very easily just uncheck the box which takes around two seconds tops. But this is kind of like us inviting you into our house and then you tidying up for us Facebook, we love you and appreciate it and all, but ask nicely before you touch our stuff in future, yeah?

If you haven’t been prompted to already, go and play around with your email settings in Account Settings > Notifications.

[Image via Barmala]
Becca Caddy