Sexperience: Cool data visualisation from Channel 4

Sexperience Survey

It seems good old facts and figures just aren’t cool anymore. Instead, we need our data presented to us in the form of bright, colourful infographics, whether we’re trying to visualise world debt or create a flashy new CV.

However, an offshoot of Channel 4’s Sexperience website has taken the run-of-the-mill infographic to a whole new level, with its moving (and running) data Sexperience 1000 visualisation, which presents the results of a big nationwide sex survey of more than 1000 respondents in a VERY dynamic way.

The results of the survey carried out by Ipsos MORI earlier this year, are presented in the form of different questions about our sex habits and to show us how many ticked which box, hundreds of little people run around the screen and congregate around their chosen question. This is much more fun and engaging than a static infographic and it’s in keeping with Sexperience’s mission, to educate more people about sex, making the whole topic more accessible and us Brits less awkward about it all.

The stats are definitely interesting too and the visualisation lets you set filters to find out more about the people who answered the questions. So we can find out a lot of interesting things and make assumptions when it comes to the technology we all use and how it correlates with our sex lives. For instance, apparently Nokia phone owners like to have sex much more than iPhone owners. Maybe that’s a testament to just how amazing iPhone apps REALLY are? Who knows.

Visit The Sexperience 1000 visualisation created by the clever guys over at Mint Digital. Oh and we can’t be held responsible for the amount of time you spend browsing other people’s sexual habits for the next few hours.

Becca Caddy