Windows 8: What is it and why should we care?

Windows 8

What is it?

Windows 8 is the next version of the Microsoft Windows operating system (yes Apple fans, that does still exist) which launches to developers this week.

Why should we care?

Because Windows 8 is expected to offer a range of new and exciting features that we’re sure everyone will welcome with open arms, like advanced touchscreen capabilities, much better applications and hardware that never sleeps:


It has a redesigned user interface (which is being called Metro style) to work beautifully with touchscreens as well as with a regular old keyboard and mouse. Considering just how many new devices now have touchscreens this is a big deal. But that wasn’t the only touchscreen revelation, apparently Internet Explorer 10 will also offer users an intuitive and fluid touch browsing experience too.


Apps are generally going to be bigger, better, faster and stronger. They’ll also be able to communicate with one another too, meaning regardless of what you’re working on everything can be integrated together seamlessly.

Developer fun

Developers basically have more freedom when it comes to where they sell their apps and the languages they can use, as well as a richer gaming experience they can build on.


Windows 8 will work across all kinds of devices, from 10 inch tablets to BIG computers with 27 inch HD screens. Certain devices will be able to run off a single charge too and will always be connected to the internet, so your computer is ready the second you are.

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  • Windows 8 looks very promising. I hope this will bring back Microsoft in the OS race.

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