Week in gadgets #2: iPhone 5 launch rumours, HTC Explorer, 3D toy printer, Nikon's mirrorless camera and more

# 10 Angry Birds speaker
My colleagues almost chocked on their coffee today when I told them I haven’t played Angry Birds… ever. In fact, I haven’t even seen the game in action – a strange thing considering I work with gadgets, geekery and social media… But enough about me. If you are among those that can’t get enough of the avian friends you might like this £49.99 Angry Birds Speaker that plugs into any mobile or MP3 player. It’s still only on pre-order so you’ll have to wait 3-4 weeks until you can play those tunes.

# 9 Portable Body Scales
Forget about the Kindle, this is the latest must-have when you’re out and about. Perfect for those times when you just have to find out how much you weigh right then and there, these portable body scales can be yours for only £24.99. This must get the prize for most pointless gadget of the week…

# 8 HTC Explorer handset specs leaked
Newly-leaked HTC Explorer could be one for those who have less cash to part with. The smartphone formerly known as the HTC Pico has been outed by PocketNow and retailer Clove, appearing briefly on Clove’s website before abruptly being removed. Luckily a few specs were revealed before it disappeared. HTC is holding a press event on October 6 and the handset is likely to be launched then.

# 7 USB powered monitor by AOC
This tiny 16inch AOC monitor doesn’t look all that at first glimpse. But when you realise it is both powered by and receives video signals from a USB port alone it gets a lot more interesting. At just 2.3lbs it’s highly portable and AOC promises that the power draw won’t completely batter your laptop battery immediately. And it’s quite affordable too at just $139.

# 6 Testing Bose’s SoundLink speakers
If you think Bose is all about big, fancy speakers and headphones that most of us can’t afford until we’re proper grown-ups with lots of money to spend, the Bose SoundLink speakers will be welcome news. Designed to work with any mobile device or MP3 player, we were given a hands-on session of the brand’s latest speakers at a preview event and were pleased with what we… well heard. These mobile speakers have the impeccable sound quality you’d expect from Bose products and also work with your devices via Bluetooth – oh and they look good too! Prices from £259.

# 5 HTC Rhyme Android phone officially unveiled
The ‘girly’ phone has been drifting around the internet for a few weeks now, and has finally been revealed by HTC – who still claim that it is not only for girls. Mmm, shades of ‘Clearwater’, ‘Hourglass’ and ‘Plum’ and a phone charm that alerts you whenever you get a call or a text doesn’t sound girly at all… Rhyme is available exclusively on O2 from October 17.

# 4 Samsung’s Nexus Prime handset spotted?
Oh yes it has! Apple isn’t the only one leaving new, secret prototypes in bars and coffee shops… Samsung’s Nexus Prime handset was seen by a blogger over at TheDroidGuy, who of course spilt the beans on its deepest, darkest spec secrets. Not sure why the Samsung executive let the blogger see the Nexus Prime at a Las Vegas conference, but TheDroidGuy describes the handset as a slightly chubbier Nexus S (pictured). It also sports an iPhone-style home button and is expected to be released in November. Well Samsung, it appears that what happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas anymore…

# 3 A 3D toy printer – can we have one!
Still only a concept, the Origo 3D printer which can turn any drawing into a 3D object would be really cool if it did become materialise. The idea is also that once created the toy could then be recycled to create another one over and over again – making it greener and less costly.

Having seen a 3D printer with my own eyes at the Science Museum a few years ago, it is highly unlikely that we’ll have toy-making 3D printers in every household anytime soon. The one I saw was used by engineer and design students, cost in excess of £150,000 and was as tall as me so can’t see how a tiny version would suddenly be so affordable.

# 2 Nikon launches mirrorless camera
Nikon has finally revealed the long-awaited mirrorless camera, the Nikon 1 V1 – and it looks like it’s been well worth the wait. Relatively compact in size despite its tech-heavy credentials the camera is unlike anything ever put out by the brand. Check out the specs here, and it is available in the UK from October 2011 starting at £829.99.

# 1 iPhone 5 rumoured to be launched October 4
Big news for all Apple fans; Apple is expected to launch the iPhone 5 on October 4 – that’s only 11 days until! This time it was Al Gore, a member of Apple’s board, who let slip that the “new iPhones [are] coming out next month. That was a plug” writes The Guardian. Unsurprisingly Apple didn’t respond to the newspaper’s request for comment.

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