A rundown of new Facebook's European apps: Deezer, Spotify and the Guardian

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It’s not just tech geeks that have been keeping up with social media news today, even our grandmas know that Facebook has had / is current having a big shake up.

Our profiles are becoming timelines, our minds are becoming mushy and we’re going to be using apps more and more.

So, instead of seeing someone write about an article they’ve read in say The Guardian, you can now go and read it yourself without having to leave the haven of Facebook. The same goes for watching films, listening to music, you name it, you can do it within Facebook in one of its new apps (within reason).

So here’s a quick rundown of some of the top European app partners that will be bringing us a whole range of goodies into Facebook over the next few weeks:

As you listen to your music in Spotify, your Timeline will tell your friends what you’re listening to and they’ll be able to join in and listen too.

The Guardian
Once you activate The Guardian’s new app and make sure your sharing settings are all switched on, your Timeline will tell your friends what you’re reading.

Similar to the Spotify integration, new (and increasingly popular in the Shiny offices) music service Deezer will share your listening habits with your friends.

Myvideo and Dailymotion
These video sharing platforms are coming to Facebook and will let you share all kinds of content with friends and discover what they’re watching too.

Being a BIG film fan this is the one I’m most excited about. Cinemur integration will mean that you can showcase the movies you’re watching to friends as you watch them too, which will be a great way to get recommendations and spark geeky film discussions.

The Independent
Not to be outdone by The Guardian, The Independent offers Facebook users a similar kind of experience, sharing and recommending different pieces of news.

Mixcloud and Soundcloud
More music integration and recommendation, but this time for those who prefer to listen to more niche mixes and tracks on the likes of Soundcloud and Mixcloud.

To add a little more diversity to Facebook’s entertainment and culture offering, if you’re into art you can now display all of your favourite pieces on your Timeline.

Becca Caddy

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