Vimeo's Music Store ensures you're not breaking copyright law

Vimeo Music Store

Last week, popular video sharing platform Vimeo launched its own dedicated music store (surprisingly called Music Store) in order to give all kinds of video makers a huge selection of music that they’re actually ALLOWED to use as soundtracks to their creations.

The store will offer users more than 45,000 tracks from all kinds of genres, with an advanced search tool which allows them to specify what kind of category, tempo or mood they’re looking for.

When many users are making videos for platforms like Vimeo and YouTube, they don’t realise they’re not allowed to just use any old track. Although many people do get away with it, using something owned by a record label without its permission could well be infringing all kinds of copyright laws and COULD mean serious action is taken against you – although more often than not you’ll just have to say sorry and remove it quickly.

Just like in Flickr Creative Commons, many tracks in the Music Store will be added under a Creative Commons license and you can use these completely free of charge. There’ll be other kinds of license you have to pay for, like one for casual users which requires you to cough up £1.27 per track and another if you’re using the track for commercial purposes which will set you back around £62 per track. Ouch. But then again it’s better to be safe than sorry, or something like that.

Blake Whitman, VP of creative development at Vimeo said, “Finding music to use in your videos can be extremely hard […] Music Store allows users to easily discover, download and/or purchase download tracks without ever needing to leave Vimeo.”

Becca Caddy


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