Why brands are all over Instagram

burberry-instagram-300x300.jpgFor better or for worse (I actually think it is more the former than the latter) whenever something good happens online or as an app brands want to get involved. No self-respecting company now is without a Facebook or Twitter account and some have even dabbled with Tumblr and I bet it won’t be long before we see brands on Jux.

So it is no surprise then savvy brands are all over Instagram, the popular ‘fast, beautiful and fun’ free photo-sharing iPhone app. Chances are that you have had a play with the app which recently surpassed seven million users worldwide who are now sharing 1.3 million photos every day.

Instragram’s visual nature is ideal for fashion brands, but there is also great scope for travel, beauty, food and lifestyle brands to join the Instragram community.

The biggest brand on Instagram at the moment is Burberry. The British fashion powerhouse was an early adopter and is doing a fantastic job and as a result has over 86,000 followers to date. The photos the brand shares are a mix of professionally campaign shots, snaps of London scenery, and behind-the-scenes pictures from the world of Burberry.

Other brands using the app are BMI and ASOS and you can find a longer list of what they are up to here.

I do think this is just the start and many other brands will be using the app shortly. What do you think? Is this just companies using cool new technology to appeal to tech savvy people? Or should they just leave Instagram to us happy snappers?

Ashley Norris


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