10 Cool Facebook brand pages

It’s safe to say A LOT of businesses, from Coca-Cola to that dodgy hairdresser on the corner of your street, have a Facebook page.

I’m sure if we were online marketeers or social media practitioners or ‘Facebook experts’ (LOL) then we’d be sat around discussing click through rates, return on investments, levels of engagement, numbers of followers and a whole host of other buzz words to gauge whether our Facebook page is proving useful or whether it’s just a big waste of time.

However, we’re not.

Often we couldn’t care less about these kinds of stats, we like Facebook pages that are designed for brands or businesses we already feel a bit of an affinity to, ones that look good, don’t overtly sell sell sell to us, have cool competitions or share interesting stuff. Nice and simple.

So which brand pages tick all of the boxes and make us want to give them an ACTUAL thumbs up, as well as an online ‘Like’?

Well we’ve collected together a few of our top examples, including big brands, as well as a few that may be a little unexpected, because a lot of other lists only seem focused on whether the welcome page is shiny and bright, when really a crowded design can put us off a little bit.

Becca Caddy


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