Best apps for looking at the stars

Unless you read specialist publications or blogs, you probably won’t be aware of the exciting things going on in the sky every night.

Certainly, the mainstream media tends to think we’re all much more interested in what’s happening on Celebrity Big Brother than whether there’s an eclipse or a really rare (and scarily close) meteor passing by the side of our little planet.

In the same way photo editing apps give beginners a sneak peek into the world of photography, editing and different effects, there are a range of apps for stargazers that make the whole topic of astronomy super accessible and applicable to what you can see when you stare at the night sky, whether you’re using a special telescope or just hanging out of your bedroom window.

We’ve collected together a few of our favourite apps for looking at the stars that make the topic easy-to-understand for a beginner, but provide enough detail and resources for if you’re keen to find out more.

Becca Caddy


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