Clever Facebook creates your friend lists for you

Facebook Smart ListsAccording to TechCrunch, Facebook has slowly started to roll out a new feature called Smart Lists, which proves it takes grouping your friends just as seriously as Google+ does.

Smart Lists appear to organise your friends for you without you having to really do anything yourself. This takes away the time consuming process of creating and maintaing lists, assuming Facebook knows everything about your life and your private thoughts – which I’m convinced it definitely does.

From the screenshot the team at TechCrunch have got their hands on, it looks like Facebook is beginning to divide friends up into three different categories:

  1. People you work with
  2. People you went to school with
  3. People who live within 50 miles of you

The work and school sections seem fairly useful and self explanatory, but dividing contacts up based on location seems a bit strange, doesn’t it? Well not really if you consider how much news you share about your local area, whether that’s a restaurant recommendation or information about a natural disaster.

We’re keen to see how this new feature develops and whether it leads to even more changes to the way we interact with different contacts, especially after all kinds of sharing settings were tweaked last week.

[Via TechCrunch]
Becca Caddy

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