Facebook changes: Are we all cry babies or should we be concerned?

Over the past few days the social network everyone loves to hate has made some big changes and although there are a few dotted about here, there and everywhere, most of them have been made to the News Feed.

The Facebook team wrote up a detailed blog post about what’s different, but the basic premise is that you can now keep up with your friends regardless of when you last signed in. So this means even if you haven’t checked Facebook in a whole week, the stories that matter to you the most (or so Facebook thinks) will be at the top of your News Feed.


As well as these featured posts and stories, there’s also a ‘ticker’ which lets you see all kinds of activity instantly in real time.


Now as an avid Facebook user I get that these changes are a bit strange. I don’t think they suit me in many ways, but at the end of the day, they’re just a few changes here and there to a free social network that no one is tying you down at gun point to use, so why have SO many users been getting SO irritated and SO agressive?

The backlash has been huge with many voicing their opinions on their personal profiles and thousands more expressing their disgust in the comments under the official blog post we mentioned earlier.

Many of the users that aren’t swearing and speaking ONLY IN CAPS are making some good points, the changes just don’t seem to work for everyone.

The first problem is that Facebook is trying to understand what we want to read, but take a look at the featured stories in your feed, are they all things you really care about more than the other things lurking at the bottom? Probably not. We get that Facebook is trying to make things easier and help us out, but we want control over what we see, what we read and over what we think is important to us or not.

The second problem is the news ticker, it doesn’t seem very Facebook does it? Instant news flashing up in real time looks more like a Twitter feature or something we’d expect to see on the BBC website.

However, I’m sure you’ll find if you rewind back a few years the beloved things you’re so sad are changing now were things you complained about in the past too. After all, things can’t just stay the same forever now can they, especially when Facebook is trying to set itself apart from its competitors and evolve into something more useful.

So, you have a few options:

The first one is something I know you’re not going to like and that’s to just learn to love the changes, you’ve done it before and you’re still using Facebook so it can’t be THAT hard.

The second is to wait to see if you can tweak settings in the future, Cnet has already written up a way to get rid of the ticker if it’s really annoying you, so expect more workarounds from Facebook itself or other places in the next few weeks.

The third option is to admit defeat and stop using the social network. It’ll be a hard habit to kick and you may regret it if there are some amazing announcements made at Facebook’s f8 developers conference later, but if it’s making you that angry, why not?

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Becca Caddy


  • Foxy Vixen- is right—
    New Facebook updates have ruined up my Facebook Experience.
    Facebook should care for people’s sentiment and not always go by its algos and stats
    Atlast they are pioneer in social networking and they should understand emotions attached with person’s FB profile.

  • If they had left an option to view most recent news feed, without what facebook thinks I want to see I wouldn’t mind the update. The other other updates prior to this haven’t been to bad, but when the basic idea of what facebook is about is getting obstructed by stupid things like ‘top rated story’ … what the hell this isn’t a bloody newspaper its my social life, if its top rated i’d know about it. i want facebook for the more boring stuff.

    I’m seeing my boring,yet important stuff, being listed 10 or even 20 items down that were only posted 5 minutes ago and yet really crappy stuff like the ‘repost this if you agree’ or some gossip about some crap gets right to the top of my ‘stories’ yet they can be and hour or even 6 hours old news. totally useless, I may as well go use twitter now.

  • Has anyone notice the new individua; privacy settings for posts/pics are basically useless? If I want my boyfriend to see my picture, and I also want my sister, and some other close friends to see it, but not my remaining 1390 FB friends, I can go ahead and set the privacy to the five or six people I choose. Right? HOWEVER, when this pic gets published, guess what happens? Boyfriend, sister, and close friends will see the “custom” setting on my pic AND be able to see who else is on the list of people I’ve allowed to view my pic. What gives? Isn’t the point of customizing your privacy supposed to be just that? A way to have people view what you want without knowing whether they are the only ones who do or don’t? Seriously? FB is gone too far.

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