What will Facebook reveal at the f8 conference?

Facebook F8Facebook’s f8 developers conference takes place tomorrow and there are SO many rumours flying around about what the social network has up its sleeve.

We have a number of confirmed bits and pieces, including the roster of speakers from TechCrunch, which reveals that the focus will be on content and entertainment.

Here are three of the key things we think will be high on the agenda tomorrow, but if Mark and his gang end up revealing something out of the blue (New religion? Clothing line?) then don’t blame us.

1. Music
The first panel of the conference is The Future of Digital Music with speakers including Daniel Ek, CEO of Spotify and Bob Pittman, chairman of Clear Channel Media and Entertainment. This will mainly be about the current state of digital music and where the industry is headed.

One of the biggest rumours of the past few weeks, even months, has been that Facebook will be announcing a music partnership with Spotify soon, which would now make even more sense considering Ek’s showing up for the music panel. However, it might not just be exclusively Spotify that Facebook is teaming up with, as last week Cnet revealed a piece of code hidden in the depths of the social network suggesting that other streaming services such as MOG, Rhapsody and Soundcloud are all preparing for Facebook integration too.

2. Video and Film
To go with music sharing and streaming, there have been suggestions that users will also be able to do something similar with video content as well as big movies if the tech executives who spoke to the New York Times are anything to go by. We’ve certainly heard rumours that Facebook is making inroads into the glittering movie industry in the past, so this would all tie together quite nicely.

3. Redesign
Mashable reckons it’s got hold of details from Facebook insiders about a BIG redesign which will really shake up our personal profiles, including an integrated media platform, to tie in well with the rumoured music, video and film partnerships. Although we can imagine this will ruffle a lot of feathers, Facebook WILL need to really re-think how things look if it’s going to start integrating lots more content onto the site – it’s already starting to look a bit cluttered with all of its newfangled lists and subscribe buttons, isn’t it?

Becca Caddy