Post the holiday pictures afterwards – But don't tell Facebook you're about to go on Holiday

fb-holiday.jpgLet your friends know you’re not going to their houseparty next week, sure, but don’t tell all of Facebook you’re going on holiday for two weeks.

It’s one piece of guidance in a list of Ten Facebook Nos on AllFacebook and we’re inclined to agree with them.

First of all – we assume you have set your profile to friends only. Unless you’re Lady Gaga or an extreme exhibitionist – that is a Facebook basic. But Facebook manages to push lots of info public even if your wall is set to private.

It’s likely your photos, education info and interest will be visible so make sure to take them off too. One other tip – take the year of your birth off as well. It’s fine to leave the month and day up but

The holiday thing is just a precaution – it’s likely none of your friends are house burglars – but a little discretion could be wise, especially if you are the sole occupants of your house. Lets just say it’s already happened…

Anna Leach