Rebecca Black works out where to sit down: New Song displays Personal Growth

Say the song is boring, that it’s a weird teen ego-trip, that it’s really cringey and makes you want to sign up to Youtube just so you can dislike it. But Rebecca Black’s new single ‘My Moment’ has one thing going for it at least: it shows she has learned how to chose a seat and stick with it. Without mentioning it once. The girl has grown up.

The new video depicts Rebecca sitting in a car and just getting on with stuff. Like singing about how great her dream is and how the haters are losers. Well it doesn’t really matter what she’s saying, it’s all about what she’s not saying. She’s not saying that she can’t decide

She has plumped for the back seat by the way. That’s because a chauffeur is sitting in the front.

We’re a bit obsessed with Rebecca Black here.
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Anna Leach