Our favourite Rebecca Black memes

You’ve probably heard about the godawful teen pop video on Youtube – Friday by Rachel Black. It’s got commentators predicting the demise of the music industry, gained an impressive 38 million hits and got a dislike-to-like ratio that I’ve never seen before.


Rachel is a 13 year old American girl whose parents paid for a company to write a pop song for her, and shoot a video of her performing it. It’s sort of sub-Katy Perry and focusses around the daily life of Rebecca – how she gets up at 7am and eats a bowl of cereal, has to choose what seat to get into on the car, then sits in the car and then gets down on Friday night.

It’s dreadful yes, yet sort of compelling. I’ve watched it four times. I can’t help myself. But even more compelling are the memes it has birthed. You’ll need to watch it before you’ll really appreciate these, so if you haven’t, do it now. Then flick through these gems.

(thanks Adam for the tip)

Anna Leach


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