Linked-In overtakes MySpace as America's 2nd biggest social network – we want jobs not music


I know MySpace has gone down the tubes and that Linked-In are doing a sterling job, but part of me is sad that Linked-In has overtaken MySpace to be the second biggest social network in the USA.

I guess it’s just a sign of 2011 that we want jobs and CV references rather than animated GIFs and tracks from our friends’ noise bands. I’m just nostalgic about it – that’s all. It’s not like 2006 anymore, we’re not in an economic boom, and the internet is now a place for work, news and scandal, not random little messages about MIA tracks, your friends’ parties or that gig you never went to but wanted to..

Kudos though to Linked-In who have provided a very useful and secure service that is genuinely helpful – not something that can be said about all social start-ups.

Even if Twitter and Google + are snapping at their heels for second place in the big numbers game, Linked-In still operates in a very niche area with few competitors. They’re doing well.

CNN reported the stats:

“LinkedIn had 33.9 million unique visitors in June, an increase of about half a million from the month before, according to new data from comScore, the Internet analytics firm. By contrast, fewer than 33.5 million Americans visited Myspace last month, a drop of about 1.4 million U.S. visitors from May.”

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Anna Leach