Shiny Poll: Going Back to MySpace – the Pros and Cons

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MySpace has been back in the news recently: taking advantage of Facebook’s temporary troubles to vaunt their simple privacy controls and releasing a new home screen this morning, which, guess what, looks like a bit Facebook. They’ve also got handed out a new developer toolkit to get myspace embedded in apps for both iPhone and Android.

Well, inspired by all this I thought it was time to dust off the old account and have a look at MySpace again, so I logged in and what I discovered was a genuine slice of 2005, a moany blog from 2006 and the fact that I loved Belle and Sebastian. It’s a bit like a time capsule.

Reasons to go back to MySpace
– Retro techno-chic “I’ll send you a message on MySpace” you can say to your friends, baffling them and forcing them to remember their MySpace passwords.
– Nostalgia, reconnect with the early ’00s
– It used to be cooler than Facebook, and though it is really shit, it still is a bit more fun feeling.
– Simple privacy controls
– Customising your page is quite fun – when it works
– Great selection of smileys.

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Reasons not to go on MySpace
– Page components still don’t load properly and some buttons just don’t click
– Privacy controls may be simple but the rest of it ain’t
– No one’s there…
– Rupert Murdoch owns it

What do you think? Is it time to head back over?

Anna Leach

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