Of course Facebook friends are real: Facebook's real

18-fbfriends.jpgPeople have been acting surprised over a study that shows that Facebookers who spend a lot of time on the site and have lots of Facebook friends, tend to have more friends in real life too.

HERE’S WHY: Facebook is connected to real life. It is part of real life. Social interaction on Facebook is social interaction. What happens online is real!

Almost unbelievably, the belief still exists that Facebook and other forms of online interaction are some kind of nerdy occupation for those of us too shy to talk to people in real life. Mostly likely we’re egotists or have some strange sexual fetish that can’t find a place in the real world.

These sort of anti-internet prejudices makes me bash my laptop into my head.

Okay so Second Life might have odd but what happens on the internet doesn’t just stay on the internet. It impacts back on real life too.

Being a sociable person means you’re more likely to be sociable on Facebook as well as in a cafe or bar.


I’m getting upset. I’m going to leave it there.

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Anna Leach