J.K Rowling's new mystery website: 10 things it could possibly be


Harry Potter author, JK Rowling has released a mystery website that currently consists of a holding page with two owls on it. Clicking on the site takes you to a youtube page where a sprawling video featuring the same two owls and timer counting down to the day JK Rowling will make an announcement about what the website could be. That day will be The site is called pottermore.com.

Needless to say this has sent the internet howling mad. What ON EARTH could it be?

1) A joke
As the timer finally counts down the last seconds, it will start playing the opening bars of Rick Astley’s greatest hit..

2) A rival to Facebook
People seem to be falling out of love with Facebook in recent months but, everyone loves Harry Potter. I bet JK could make a cross-over hit by funneling all her readers into a social network based on magic.

3) A rival to Groupon.
The website is getting dragged through the mud after Techcrunch published some scathing articles about its business model. I fancy Rowling’s chances in this area too.

4) A plea for an owl charity
It’s got us thinking about owls a lot more. I bet they need protected and loved. I bet that takes money, I see this as a fund-raising stunt for an owl charity.

5) More stuff about Harry Potter
It is called “pottermore” after all.

6) One of those tie-in games which people love to make but I don’t believe anyone actually plays

7) A gif of Daniel Radcliffe naked…
I heard he gets naked sometimes.

8) Another 7 books themed around a teenage magician in downloadable pdf format

9) The revelation that she didn’t make up the Harry Potter story, it’s all true and she’s just reporting what the voices told her.

10) A new interactive web book -it’s not a book, not a website, it’s a kind of magic format we haven’t even conceived of yet. It’s going to be great.

Anna Leach


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