Five alternatives to Twitter: Focus, Mobile and Photos the trends to look out for

45-color-twitter-alternatives.jpgWhat alternatives are there to Twitter? The micro-blogging site is the go-to site for breaking news, celeb gossip and inappropriate photos of politicians (we’re looking at you Anthony Wiener).

But could it be in two years time that the Twitter model will be out-moded and we’ll want more specific, tailored groups of people to share with? Certainly Anthony Wiener should consider that. But tech guru Robert Scoble thinks that’s what we’ll all want.

He thinks that tailoring and relevance are big trends in social networking and pointed out a few Twitter rivals that offer that more tailored experience. He kicked the debate off on Quora, asking about trends in social media. While we’re thinking about trends I’d also add the obvious point that mobile is super important for any new social network, and they don’t want to just have a presence there- they want to be really using it and that probably means some location element. And photographs are another big deal. We eat them up. It’s likely successful new social networks will have some strong photo element.

1) Katango
Not out till later this summer, Scoble has tipped this mystery start-up for success:
“This service, coming out this summer, looks at Facebook and finds interesting social circles in it. It is mind blowing. I wish I could say more.”

2) With
A new app from social media innovators Path, With uses photos as the basic fabric of the interaction. Tag people in photos in places and a network is built up… It ties into Facebook and Twitter currently. Very mobile friendly.

3) Color
A service that uses location-sensitive photos to connect you to other people nearby. It’s having troubles… but Scoble rates the idea, and so do I.

4) Instagram
It has proved its credentials with a tiny team and a simple idea. Could the service start to leach users away from Twitter and its clunkier photo-uploads?

5) Facebook
Let’s not overlook the obvious. The biggest player in social media is still getting bigger. And constantly innovating. Their upcoming changes seem to focus on mobile – a platform where Twitter currently scores because of its simplicity, a reformed Facebook could still outflank and crush its smaller rival.

Anna Leach


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  • An interesting list, and no doubt people can poke all sorts of holes with the possibilities, but the fact that Instagram doesn’t support Android or Blackberry seems a major strike against them.

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