Meet the future of windscreens: Glass gets intelligent

Augmented reality brings wonders to the car windscreens of the future as imagined by British car glass manufacturers Autoglass.

Autoglass® vision for a revolutionary car windscreen in 2020 with augmented reality, visual sensors & GPS technology.

Will the car windscreen display key information about speed, fuel and any issues with parts of the car. Even combine visual sensors with augmented reality , online maps and GPS technology to provide drivers with live, visual information about the places and hazards around them.

Dr Chris Davies, head of technical research & innovation at Autoglass said, “As well as accounting for up to 30% of a vehicle’s structural strength, the windscreen has become an interactive tool for sharing information and improving the driver experience. Essentially the car is becoming more like a laptop and the windscreen will evolve into the virtual information screen.”

>> LOVE the comment about cars becoming more like laptops. That’s device convergence for you…

More on AutoglassUK

Anna Leach


  • I don't believe that, such kind of stuff is showed in the movies only, i am not sure that it will ever be introduced in real, just imagine if the cars used by James Bond are available to purchase, it will be awesome.

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