"Joke" search engine Wacko.com "teases" Google…

You know the way when you type a search term into Google it comes up with relevant search results?

Wacko.com does the opposite – it comes up with irrelevant search results.

Errr. So it’s the brainchild of Loyaltynet Ltd, a company which specialises in “devising novel web sites”. However the results aren’t purely random – they’re drawn from a list of “fun” sites that they thinks that the average web browser will enjoy discovering. That seems to include – for some reason – a site that collects American driver license pictures and graphjam (which is, we admit, fun.)

Philip Thomson Managing Director at Loyaltynet says, “Internet search engines attempt to guide us with laser accuracy to specific subjects. Wacko Search turns the idea of accurate searches on its head.”

It’s a one-trick pony. And not, I have to say, something that you’d go back to more than once. It’s the search engine equivalent of those “joke” lighters that give you electric shocks or spoons that bend when you try to put them in the sugar bowl.

Anna Leach