Kinect in the Changing Rooms: Trying on TopShop clothes virtually looks GREAT


We love this. Combining TopShop, augmented reality and gestural control via the Microsoft Kinect – we present – the AR Door Kinect Fitting Room.

The Fitting room lets you try on any outfit in the shop by just waving you hand: the virtual clothes pin themselves onto an image of your real body. You can see what they look like from in front and behind as well. The Russians in this TopShop outlet really love it.

Made by Russian Augmented Reality company – ARDoor, it’s based on image recognition, plus a Kinect hack – with arm gestures triggering the next outfit and the camera taking a photo. Of course, the Augmented Reality doesn’t take your clothes off.. so it all gets superimposed on what you’re currently wearing – still it looks superfun and could narrow down what you actually decide to try on.

I’d like them to incorporate some KRAZY costumes too. Astronaut costumes, Kigus, dinonsaurs.. that sort of thing. BRING IT ALL ON.

And bring it to the UK soon!

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Anna Leach