Macy's Magic Mirror lets you try on clothes virtually in an Augmented-Reality Changing Room


American department store Macy’s have introduced Augmented Reality into their changing rooms with touch sensitive “magic mirrors”.

The one-off experiment in their flagship store in Herald Square has introduced a mirror hooked up to a tablet computer. Customers can flick through store products on the tablet and then call up an image of the product on the mirror, superimposing it on webcam footage of themselves. It lets you try on lots of stuff very quickly… and without having to get undresssed…

Obviously you’re not going to get the right fit from a computer-simulated image… but you will get a gist of what a piece of clothing would look like on and whether it’s worth hunting the piece out in the shop and trying it on properly .

If you fancy *sharing* the images or just saving them for reference then you can send images of the whole experience to your Facebook page, cell phone or email. .

It was made in conjunction with marketing agency LBi. “As the role of retail changes and the lines between physical and digital continue to blur, agencies are tasked with providing innovative solutions that help marketers enhance the customer experience,” said Christopher Enright, Chief Innovation Officer of LBi.

[from Retailing Today via Howard at Mobilistar]
Anna Leach