Why not recreate Star Wars in a Giant Lego Mosaic?


In these days of content on demand and multimedia entertainment, it’s fun to strip it all back to the basics and spend some time recreating the characters of Star Wars in the world’s largest lego mosaic.

So I was very glad to hear that that is exactly what Dorling Kindersley (the children’s book publishers) have decided to do. They’re hoping to break the world record for the world’s largest lego mosaic on Saturday 23rd October in Shoreditch Town Hall, London.

They have chosen to depict Star Wars characters in their mosaic. It’s going to look like that classy Star Wars panorama up above …

The vital stats:
The mosaic will be built using 1,500 baseplates and a staggering 384,000 LEGO bricks – that’s 1.5 million LEGO studs!
The mosaic will measure an incredible 16 x 7 metres
The current record which measures 80.48 metres square is held by The Toy Museum in Ohio, USA and we plan to smash this with our mosaic of 112 metres square
The mosaic’s image has been designed by Hungarian artist Zoltan Simon
Once completed the LEGO bricks, worth £50,000, will be donated to the Kids Company’s Toys for Christmas Appeal.

See more info on the event here

Anna Leach