James Bond style – Loky app protects those confidential text messages and photos


You know the way you want to keep some text messages private? You don’t want your boss or your little sister or your mate John to see them, or really ANYONE.

Well obviously other people usually aren’t looking at your phone, but there are occasions when you give other your phone to other people – to play music off or take a picture or something and then the whole EMBARRASSING photo, inappropriate text problem crops up.

Someone has made an Android app for this.

Loky is an app which can mask contacts, messages and pictures that you want to keep private – locking off a whole area of your phone. Sound a bit James Bond? Yes.

Loky’s CEO Roger Blott explains:

“Loky works in the background to handle incoming and outgoing SMS, it also cleans up your phone calls log so your communications with your Loky contacts are kept private. We’ve all been in one of those embarrassing situations when an SMS comes in and hits your screen just when you don’t want it to. With Loky you can relax because it’s intercepted and safely stored. It gives you peace-of-mind as well as privacy”

They even got an international model to give her opinion on the whole thing. Here are all the features. I like the way it’s available in Russian.
Loky PLUS is avalaible now for Andriod handsets, and coming soon for Blackberry, Windows Mobile 7 and Symbian. Loky PLUS features include:

Securing your contacts. Sensitive contact information is held in a fully-featured and most importantly, secure address book.

Hiding your confidential SMS & MMS. SMS & MMS messages to and from your Loky contacts are automatically redirected so that they avoid your phone’s regular messaging app altogether.

Securely storing your files away from prying eyes
. Media files and documents can be managed and viewed from the safety of Loky PLUS’s secure file locker. Loky can protect all sorts of files.

Discreetly alerting you to messages. Loky PLUS can send you a ‘dummy’ SMS to your phone’s regular messaging app, vibrate or play one of three sounds when you get a Loky SMS, so that you always know when to check new confidential messages.

Phone Log Cleaning.
Calls made to, received or missed from Loky PLUS contacts are deleted from your call logs so that a casual look at your call logs will not show any communications with those contacts.

Dual Accounts. You can use two completely separate accounts within Loky PLUS to protect your home from your work communications and files. Each account is accessed by it’s unique PIN via the ‘stealth’ access feature. Some users use this feature to create a dummy Loky contact list to show if they need to.

Stealth Activation. Loky PLUS has no icon on your handset; instead you access Loky PLUS via a secure PIN from the phone’s keypad. This PIN, which you choose yourself when you first download the Loky app securely protects everything you store via Loky.

Auto lock. You can set Loky PLUS to close down on your handset after anywhere from 5 seconds to 5 minutes, so that you can work without constantly re-entering your PIN.

Shake to close. If you need to close Loky PLUS in a hurry just shake your phone firmly but lightly and Loky will close down automatically, leaving you in the clear.

Security log.
If you think someone has been trying to get into your Loky PLUS account you can check as Loky saves a record of all successful and failed log in attempts.

Capture images.
You can capture images from within Loky, so that the moment you take a picture it is safely stored in the secure file locker.

Press & hold. Press and hold the screen for a short time on a Loky PLUS contact, message or file and a menu will appear giving you various options. e.g. create a new message, view, edit, or delete the contact.

International support. Loky PLUS is available in seven languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian.

The Loky Website

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Anna Leach