Poll: Those in-ear headphones – icky or fine?


Don’t get me wrong, I use in-ear headphones, but there’s a growing trend towards ones that reach ever deeper into the recesses of your ears, and I just don’t like them. Most likely they improve sound quality, increase security of hold, but to me they just look and feel a bit like some kind of plastic octopus invading your brain via your ears.

Just saying.

The ones above are obviously some kind of plastic extender, made to fit over the classic Apple ones. On the internet, opinion is split. Some say that these big in-ear ‘phones can actually be more comfortable than out-of-the-box standard ones which people can ram in too far. Other people swap the left and right ones, claiming that makes them more comfortable.. Specialists in in-ear earphones, Shure claim that their “cushions” block out more background noise.

Anyway a picture of these cropped up on one of my favourite blogs and thought I’d turn it over to Shiny readers.

What do you think? Useful or like a strange freaky octupus?

Anna Leach