Three things you never knew you could do with toothpaste: DIY App Morf is like a Useful Boyfriend with a simple user interface


Subtitled “Extraordinary uses for ordinary things” new iPhone and Android app Morf is a treasure trove of odd but practical DIY information.

It’s the sort of weird shit your parents/boyfriend/gran would come up with and you just don’t know how they found it out.

Things like – if you defrost frozen fish in milk it will taste better. If you tie strips of white sheet to your garden fence it will keep deer out. If you rub pencils onto new keys it will make them fit in the lock better. That sort of weird stuff.

Usefully working with either what you’ve got: There’s a “What can I do with?” option or what you want to do “How can I..?” – it aims to be as useful as possible. Then you can also search for keywords.

Another killer feature for the app is that it accepts user-generated content which means that the amount of strange arcane knowledge on here can only grow. You have to register to add a useful suggestion or a “morf” as they call it. But we presume that’s for the purposes of moderating them .

It doesn’t yet cover all eventualities of life. No result for “how to open a bottle without a bottle opener” I notice. But still – for sheer quirkiness, and the possibility that someday I will want to keep deer out of the garden – we give this app our resounding endorsement.

Morf is £0.59 on iTunes
Morf is £0.79 on Android Marketplace
See more info on their website

Anna Leach


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