Why the Olympics will get us buying 3D TVs…


Looking forward to seeing the elbow of an Olympics boxing champion pop out of the screen at you? It seems a lot of us are. A survey by TV-makers LG found that the Olympics will be what it takes to get over a third of us buying into the 3D TV trend and shelling out for an enabled TV set.

LG say they found that 37% of Britons say that the 2012 Olympics will tempt them to buy a 3D TV next year, with another 25% saying that the Euro 2012 would also make them consider it.

Since it looks like tickets for the actual events will sell out super fast, getting the screen in 3D could be the best way to see the action.

However, bear in mind that some sports look a lot better than others on the 3D screens: check out – 3 Sports that look good on 3D TV, and 3 that don’t…

I’m still a sceptic about the technology though, for a variety of reasons:
For starters: Can 3D TV make you feel a bit sick?
And also for the reasons I explored here: The real use for 3D TV technology – the porn industry

Anna Leach