Technode Mag: Coming soon

21_node.jpgShiny Media will very soon be launching Technode, a new quarterly magazine.

What is Technode? – It is a new quarterly technology magazine from the team behind Shiny Shiny and Tech Digest. It will be available from April..

How is it available?
– It will be available for free in the following versions

1 iPad version via its own iPad app with added video and interactivity.
2 PDF version that anyone can download which is compatible with PCs, smartphones etc available from Magcloud and Scribd.

And then for a fiver in this version:
3 Printed magazine version – this will be available via Magcloud and will cost around £5 per issue.

What’s in the first issue? – It focuses largely on gadgets – so there are stories on – the top 20 gadgets of summer 2011, the three key gadget trends for the year (3D, in car gadgetry and tablets), 4G mobile phones. There are also features on how technology is changing art, how social networking is making us all liars and more.

Why is it different from most other iPad mags? – 1 It is free. 2 It is designed from the ground up as an iPad mag and doesn’t just ape a print mag.

IMHO – you should take a look. We’ve all written little pieces and it’s nice that the mag lets you go a bit deeper into a subject than you can on a blog..

Anna Leach