No Mobile Signal on the Tube after all – London Underground shelves plans

9_tubethumb.jpgA matter of weeks after Transport for London promised mobile signal in London’s Tube networks, they have shelved the plans saying that they were too costly and difficult to execute…

It’s a sad day for those of us who dearly hoped we’d be able to send text messages while sitting on the Northern Line or check our emails while waiting for the District Line but not – in the end – that surprising.

There are hopes that there might be wifi coverage later, after the 2012 Olympic deadline. But TfL having been promising and then reneging on mobile signal underground since 2005

There more pressing issues that the Tube owners need to get sorted out. For instance, Transport for London have said that they’d like to focus on getting the air conditioning working, in time for the 2012 Olympics… Then there are the old problems of getting the trains running on time and not having to close down the central line every other weekend…

At least Angry Birds doesn’t need an internet connection..

Anna Leach