TFL destroys hopes of a mobile phone/Underground relationship

tube.jpgJust when you thought you’d be able to imperviously annoy fellow commuters down in the realms of the London Underground with your conversation about that night, TFL goes and ruins the party before it’s even begun. For those who don’t know the background – here’s a bit of history. In March 2007, TFL decided to trial mobile phones on the Waterloo and City lines in March 2007, with research into the feasibility of the project going all the way back to 2005… well I did say a bit. But alas, it seems we may never get to experience such a luxury, as TFL has thrown all plans out of the window. Citing “project costs” as a main reason for this red light means this is just another issue to add to the mounting list of things stunted due to the current economical climate.

Considering the trial commenced in 2005, it’s unlikely making calls in the depths of the Underground is going to be a possibility in the foreseeable future, can you? If it took them this long to get their act together, we’ve got a bit of a wait on our hands if TFL decides to resurrect the project.

Possible alternatives:

  • Talk to the person next to you
  • Talk to yourself
  • Read you copy of The Metro aloud to yourself

[via IT Pro]

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Lucy Hedges