iPhone to get its price slashed before new Apple phone launches?

iphone-price-cut.jpgHave you been waiting for the iPhone to get a price cut so you can finally be as cool as your iPhone toting pals? Well today my friends, you’re in luck. The rumour mill tells us O2 could be about to strip the iPhone of its current price tag and replace it with a more affordable price label. Not only could a pocket friendlier price cut be on the agenda, but if you were to opt for the £35 p/m 8GB iPhone tariff or the 16GB £45 p/m tariff, you could get your very own Jesus phone for free as of May (that’s less than two months away – yay).

Seeing as there could be a new iPhone waiting in the wings, it looks as if O2 could be trying to downsize its iPhone 3G stock to make way for what’ll be the hottest iPhone (or the equivalent) on the block. Nothing’s been confirmed – in fact everyone who works for Apple has been given their very own verbal bodyguard to ensure all lips are kept locked, so there’s no chance of finding out what this mystery device will be until Apple announces it’ll be making an announcement.

Who knows, there might not even be any new device at all and just an improvement to the current iPhone’s innards. Then again, the mythical iPhone Nano is still a possibility. All will be revealed in good time my friends, all in good time.

[via Mobile Phones]

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Lucy Hedges