Firefox 3.1 Beta online now

firefox-beta3.jpgIf you’re the type to get more than a little excited about an internet browser update, then prepare to hold on to your hat – Firefox has just announced Firefox 3.1 Beta 3. So, if you’ve kicked Internet Explorer to the curb (where it belongs) and didn’t fall for the flirty looks of Google’s Chrome and still pledge allegiance to Mozilla’s Firefox, the news of a test version is for you. The next update has just gone public and although it’s not complete, it is available online to download and take for a test drive on Windows, Macs and Linux.

New additions to the browser include faster load times, extra geolocation support, a new addition to Private Browsing Mode and a ‘Forget This Site’ button – so if you’ve been surfing the web for porn during your lunch break, hitting this button will ensure no trace of your web history travels is left behind.

This won’t be the final test version before all systems are go. In fact, the final version is expected to land sometime later this year. And when it does, expect it to be more along the lines of Firefox 3.5 or 6.

[via The Mozilla Blog]

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Lucy Hedges