Stereo Bluetooth sunglasses take a stylish turn

mood-eyewear-3_kuCpp_48.jpgSunglasses with stereo Bluetooth headphones packed in aren’t exactly a new concept… however, one’s with a stylish twist that fall into the fashionable/geek chic bracket totally are. This fabulous pair you’re looking at, dubbed The Mood is only a concept at the moment, but they’ve been created by someone who clearly knows a little bit about style, so let’s hope his vision to amalgamate style and gadgetry gets the applause it deserves. It’s a fashionista’s/audiophile’s dream.

Once paired with another device, an LED light on the glasses lights up to clear up any confusion about its on/off status. As well as the LED indicator, there are dedicated track and volume navigation buttons to make your music listening experience as conveniently pleasurable as possible.

Seeing as the headphones don’t look like they can be detached from the sunglasses themselves, it’s unlikely you can sport them as a normal pair of sunglasses – unless sunglasses start selling with huge circular pads for ear protection (perhaps?). They’d make a great beach accessory though.

[via Electric Pig]

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Lucy Hedges