Geek neighbours: The Sega Megadrive is back, Watchman costumes on the loose and iPhone 3.0 software

sunny.jpgAnother weekend has passed, but what a great start to the week – sunshine that’s actually worth leaving the house in a t-shirt for and a brand spanking new Shiny Towers location. But the internet doesn’t care for such things as sunbeams and new office space. It’s been alight with oodles of news in the gadgets and geekery arena. So, here’s a round-up of the World Wide Web’s geeky activity from the weekend.

With the new iPhone 3.0 software only around the corner, Crave concocted its very own iPhone 3.0 software wish list. I wonder if any of it will come true? Crave also draws our attention to the myriad of Watchmen costumes that seem to be infiltrating the net (expect to see at least one at your next fancy dress party).

Electric Pig has some exciting news for retro gamers… the Sega Megadrive is making a comeback. And it’s going to be ultra cheap too (w00ts all round). EP also unveils the secrets of the new and diminutively sized iPod Shuffle.

Lastly, Digi Times reports OLED lighting will be entering the light source market as of next year. This means farewell to filament light bulbs and hello thin, rugged, lightweight and environmentally friendly lighting.

Lucy Hedges